Ford Wifi Is Broken

SYNC 3 can't connect to 802.11r wireless networks

CAS-9606059-T9J7D6 CRM:00013000000371
Thu, 17 Nov 2016 14:29:05 +0000
Will Glynn

Mr. Glynn,

My name is [first name], and I am the Regional Customer Service Manager assigned to your case. My job is to facilitate the repair of your vehicle by providing my resources, where applicable to do so. It was a bit early to give you a call, so I decided to reach you by email to start, however, if you would prefer phone moving forward, we certainly can do that.

The first step will be getting your vehicle into the dealership. If you need a loaner or rental during that time, I am happy to provide one for you to use. Please do make an appointment at the dealership of your choosing, and let me know when and where that visit will be. Once that has completed, I will reach out to the dealership with the information you’ve already provided us about the trouble you’re having with your WiFi and assist with my technical resources. Until the vehicle is at the dealership, however, I do not have the ability to move forward with that portion of our case.

I look forward to hearing from you as to the dealership you’d like to visit and the timeframe for the appointment you make. If the dealership is not one of the dealers that I am manager for, I will facilitate the transfer of your case to the appropriate person, and get the ball rolling for the above mentioned plan of action.

If I have not heard from you by close of business Monday, the 21st, I will reach out to you again by phone.