Ford Wifi Is Broken

SYNC 3 can't connect to 802.11r wireless networks

Will Glynn
Re: CAS-9606059-T9J7D6 Appointment CRM:00337000000037
Mon, 05 Dec 2016 15:10:20 -0600

I’ve linked my writeup of this issue over and over, and here it is again:

I’ve been trying to get that document in front of technical people at Ford. You tell me they’ve looked at this problem – great, we’re most of the way there.

You also tell me that the technical people at Ford decided it’s not a problem in SYNC 3. I disagree, and I’ve supplied evidence to support my position. I’ll do it again now: please find attached highlighted excerpts from two IEEE standards documents, along with a packet capture showing my vehicle transmitting an association request which must be rejected according to those highlighted passages.

In response, Ford has supplied only a conclusion – a conclusion which is directly at odds with the evidence. As I said, this is not satisfactory.

I’ve been pursuing this issue for six months, since the evening I first got this vehicle off the lot. I’ve spent time and money to precisely characterize this bug in order to enable Ford’s rapid identification and correction of their software defect. This is why I refuse to accept Ford summarily dismissing this issue.

I want to know that some technical resource at Ford has actually looked at this information. If they did, I guarantee they would have more to say than “the cause of the concern is the customer’s connection point”.