Ford Wifi Is Broken

SYNC 3 can't connect to 802.11r wireless networks

RE: CAS-9606059-T9J7D6 Appointment CRM:00337000000037
Tue, 27 Dec 2016 20:33:52 +0000
Will Glynn

Good Afternoon, Mr. Glynn:

Details of your vehicle concerns were submitted by the dealership to Ford’s corporate technical resource for review. It has been determined that there is no vehicle failure, rather a concern with the connection point. Per technical assistance team, at this time we would have you reference the information on pages 105 and 106 of the second printing of the Sync 3 supplement. You may also wish to contact the Sync In-Vehicle Team for assistance on connecting to the Wi-Fi source at 800-392-3763, Option 3 when prompted.

Your case with us will be closed at this point as there has been no damage or defect found and our solution for you is to contact the Sync In-Vehicle Team.

Kind regards,