Ford Wifi Is Broken

SYNC 3 can't connect to 802.11r wireless networks

Will Glynn
Re: CAS-9606059-T9J7D6 Appointment CRM:00337000000037
Thu, 29 Dec 2016 10:51:01 -0600

SYNC 3’s v2.2 software update is floating around online. I dug in and found the specific component that’s at issue in this case.

The program called “NET_WifiConnectionMgr” isn’t enabling 802.11r when it configures the WPA supplicant, even though SYNC 3 is attempting to join networks using 802.11r. I explain precisely what that program does, why that causes a problem, and how to fix it at:

I insist that this case be reopened.

–Will Glynn